Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mario Barajas Frutos, University of Barcelona, Spain

He is a Doctor in Education from the University of Barcelona and Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from San Francisco State University in the USA. He holds degrees in Engineering and in Philosophy and previously taught Mathematics in secondary education. He teaches about Digital Learning Environments, and in the doctoral program ‘Education and Society’ at the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona. He is a founder of the new Institute of Educational Research of the same University. He is a member of different Research Committees, Journals and Conferences at an international level. During the last two decades, Dr. Barajas has coordinated and participated in a large number of the European Union funded projects and leads the research group Future Learning (

Prof. Anja Richert, TH Köln - University of Applied Science, Germany

Anja Richert is Professor of Innovation Management at the Faculty of Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems of the TH Köln - University of Applied Science in Germany. She received her Master (M.A.) and Doctoral Degree in Communication Sciences from the RWTH Aachen University. Before starting her professorship on Innovation Management in Cologne, Dr. Richert held a junior professorship on Agile Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University between 2012 and 2018. Her research is focused on Working and Learning in digital Worlds, Social Robotics and data-driven innovation management. She has published more than 90 publications in journals, book chapters and conferences in the field of educational technology, knowledge and innovation management and participated in national (e.g. with German Ministry for Education and Research, German Research Foundation etc.) and European projects (e.g. European Commission’s Minerva & Leonardo programs).
Speech Title: Exercising „4.0“ - Virtual and Augmented Reality in Engineering Education

Prof. Javier Sarsa, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Javier Sarsa, Ph. D., is a Professor of Educational Technology at the Faculty of Education of the University of Zaragoza, in Spain. He received his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering (with specialization in Informatics and Control) from the aforementioned university and completed his Doctoral Degree within an Education Program.
Dr. Sarsa held a position as coordinator of the e-Learning services of the University of Zaragoza between 2000 and 2008 to setup the e-Learning systems and associated training programs for teachers.
His research has been focused on Interactive Multimedia, Learning Management Systems, Authoring Tools, Educational Devices and Applications, e-Learning Specifications, e-Learning Quality, Digital Video, etc. He has published more than 40 publications in journals, book chapters and conferences in the field of educational technology and participated in national (e.g. with Spanish Ministry of Education, Telefonica…) and European projects (European Commission’s Minerva, Cooperation…).
He has also been reviewer of journals (British Journal of Educational Technology, Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Management…), member of scientific committees (e-Society, CcITA, ICKET, DTGS, SPD…) and associated editor in de Gruyter Open Access.